Icon of Saint Stehen and Catherine

Thanks on the occasion of a new icon

Dearly beloved fellow travellers, We are absolutely delighted with the very first exterior icon at our church, of the Proto-Martyr Stephen and the Great Martyr Catherine of Alexandria, our own patron saints. How amazing that God has led us to

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Saint Nicholas

Nicholas the Wonderworker, Bishop of Myra

On the sixth of December, we commemorate our Holy Father Nicholas the Archbishop of Myra in Lycia the Wonderworker. Verses While on earth Nicholas was a great intercessor, Departing the earth he still fervently intercedes. On the sixth the end

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2024 wall calendar

2024 Wall Calendars now for sale

The 2024 wall calendar has gone to print and will be available in church from 6 December onwards.   As last year, the calendar shows all of the feasts of the Lord and the Theotokos, fasting rules for each day and

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Annual St Nicholas Festival – 3 December 2023

Our annual Saint Nicholas Festival will take place after the Divine Liturgy on 3 December at the Serbian Church in Telford. This festival, occurring annually on the first Sunday in December, has become one of our most popular events of the

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Four received into the Orthodox Church

On Saturday, 4th November 2023, at the Holy Church of the 318 Holy Fathers, Shrewsbury John, Steve, Zoe and Amy were received into the Orthodox Church after a period of instructional catechism. Many years!

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Orthodox Crossing: Saint Paul’s Theological Autobahn

I like a good paragraph. That sense that a thought or action has been properly rinsed through, even at the expense of being concise. I think that so long as it’s not going over the same ground over and again,

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Saint Edmund the Martyr

Feast day 20 November. Of his life little is known. In the year 869 the Danes, who had been wintering at York, marched through Mercia into East Anglia and took up their quarters at Thetford. Edmund engaged them fiercely in battle, but

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Orthodox Crossing: Stuff

Stuff is full of thin spaces. When Max Plank and Niels Bohr got their fingers mucky with all the stuff which would become quantum physics, they had to somehow put their findings into words, and at a time when Chat

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Orthodox Crossing: Where’s my Bear?

In a recent episode of badly curated thoughts, I wrote in broad and unfocussed terms about the church and the internet. It is a prickly pear of topic and I did my best to confront it while avoiding it. Well,

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The Feast of Nektarios the Wonderworker of Pentapolis

St. Nektarios was born in Selybria of Eastern Thrace to the family of Demos and Maria Kephalas on 1st October 1846. He was named Anastasios at his baptism, a name which suited perfectly his early behavior. As a child he

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