Created on: 23 October 2019

“If you want to cure your soul, you need four things. The first is to forgive your enemies. The second is to confess thoroughly. The third is to blame yourself. The fourth is to resolve to sin no more. If we wish to be saved, we must always blame ourselves and not attribute our wrong acts to others. And God, Who is most compassionate, will forgive us.”

Saint Cosmas Aitolos

Confession is a second Baptism cleansing the stains on our souls and restoring our relations with God. It is good for every Orthodox Christian to have a confessor/spiritual father, who could be the local parish priest, whom he or she goes to for confession and spiritual guidance.

Confession is not simply a matter of making a list of wrong-doings and receiving ”absolution’. The more correct Orthodox term for confession is ‘Repentance’ (Metanoia). We do not only confess what we have done wrong, we feel contrition for what we have done wrong, and we seek spiritual council in order to overcome our sins and passions. Therefore, each confession should be preceded by reflection and contrition.

How often a Christian confesses depends on the conscience of the believer, but regular confession is especially beneficial.

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