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The Placing of the Honourable Sash of the Most Holy Theotokos

Synaxarion of the Deposition of the Honorable Zoni in the Holy Coffin On the thirty-first of August, we commemorate the deposition of the Honorable Zoni* in the Holy Coffin, of our Most Holy Lady the Theotokos, in her revered home

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Synaxarion of the Beheading of the Holy and Glorious Prophet, Forerunner and Baptist John

SynaxarionOn the 29th of August, commemoration of the beheading of the honorable head of the holy, glorious Prophet, Forerunner and Baptist John. VersesA murderous hand with a sword cuts off the head Of him who placed his hand on the

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The Dormition of our most holy and glorious Lady, Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary

Concerning the Dormition of the Theotokos the Church has received the following from the ancient tradition of the Fathers. When the time drew near when it was our Saviour’s good pleasure to take to himself his own Mother, he informed

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Jonathan Pageau and Aidan Hart on The Transfiguration: Glory and Grace in the World

View this interview with Jonathan Pageau and Aidan Hart recorded before the Scala Foundation‘s 2023 Conference on Art, the Sacred, and the Common Good

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Oswald, Martyr and King of Northumbria

5 August When Oswald  became the first Christian king of Northumbria he sought the aid of the monks of Iona, the disciples of Columba, for the conversion of the Saxons of the North.    A monk called Aidan was sent by

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