Trailer for “Man of God” released

The trailer of the long-awaited film about the life of Saint Nektarios, entitled “The Man of God” was released on Wednesday, March 10. The film is expected to be screened this year in Greece, distributed by Feelgood Entertainment, as soon as the pandemic conditions allow it.

The film is directed by Yelena Popovic, while the role of Saint Nektarios is played by Aris Servetalis. With him in the leading roles are, the American legend and Oscar nominee Mickey Rourke, the Russian superstar Alexander Petrov and a cast of exceptional Greek actors, such as Christos Loulis, Karyofyllia Karabeti and Nikitas Tsakiroglou

The film is a production of Simeon Entertainment and View-Master Films, in collaboration with the Holy and Great Monastery of Vatopedi and the Saint Maxim the Greek Institute, and with the support of EKOME (National Centre of Audiovisual Media and Communication), while international sales were undertaken by Pure Flix / Quality Flix.

Movie synopsis

The popularity of Nektarios Kefalas, Metropolitan of Pentapolis, provokes the jealousy of the clergy in Alexandria. Fearing that he would become the next Patriarch of Egypt, the clergy discredited him and as a result, they deprived him of his priestly status and exiled him from Egypt. In Athens now, thanks to his sophisticated pedagogical tactics, he becomes famous and beloved to the people and at the same time engages in a great literary work. But the workload overwhelms him and he decides to retire to Aegina. He rebuilds a ruined monastery with his own hands and, thanks to his fame, the monastery grows. The monastery, however, is never recognized, while Saint Nektarios is unjustly accused of immorality. At Aretaieio Hospital, just before his death, he will perform his last miracle.


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