Supraśl 2022 | A world gathering of Orthodox Youth

July 18-24, 2022, Supraśl, Poland

“Go and bear fruit” John 15:16

Supraśl 2022 is a one week gathering of Orthodox youth from around the world coming together to experience the unity and universality of our Holy Orthodox Faith, to be inspired by engaging leaders, stimulating discussion, and tangible ways to continue bearing fruit together, and throughout the world.

“What are we, the Orthodox, going to do to avoid our sickness, namely, our indifference to one another?”In 1949 the Greek theologian Nikos Nissiotis, asked this question as Orthodox faithful around the world experienced life after World War II. This question remains relevant more than 70 years later, begging the additional question, “…and how are we going to do it?”

Supraśl 2022 looks to bring Orthodox young people together to share in worship and fellowship and to fulfill our Lord’s commandments to “love one another” and “…to bear fruit.” The threat of disunity among our churches, ethnic and political tensions, environmental degradation, and economic instability cannot prevent us from coming together to leverage new technologies and community life to bear witness to the gospel and Good News of Jesus Christ.

We recognizes that no one event, organisation, or church can solve any of these issues on its own, which is why coming together in an international gathering as the body of Christ, in fellowship just might help us in a small way, overcome our “illness of indifference to each other,” becoming a healing presence in the communities in which we live and the world around us.


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