Youth club uses Orchard for the first time

When we first used the orchard, it was during mid-March. The children at Varangians were split into small groups. Each group were told to create a specific scene from the bible relating to the cross. Some of us made the three crosses on Golgotha, others made Moses raising his staff to let the Hebrews cross the red Sea, and others the tree in the Garden of Eden.

We used the foliage and under-growth around us to make the scenes we were given. People used all sorts of different types of ingredients such as twigs, leaves, sticks, stones, flowers, and moss as well as real live people to go with it.

It was fun to meet up with everyone and the fact that we did not have to travel the usual distance was amazing. Please help us by raising funds and donating money to the church to help with improving the orchard.

Stephen Maxfield (Jnr)

The Victory of the Cross
Three crosses Pilate fixed on Golgotha, two for the thieves and one for the Giver of Life
Hades says to those below: who has fixed a nail in my heart? A wooden lance has suddenly pierced me and I am being torn apart
Who has persuaded you that he who fell by a tree is being raised up by a tree
It has outdone the rod that led the people out of Egypt
Our Local Saints
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