Weekly Bulletin | 18 April to 25 April

Schedule of Services

The schedule of services for this week is available on our calendar. The readings and sermon for the Fifth Sunday of Lent can be found on the Archdiocese website here.

The church is open for public worship under the guidance issued by our archdiocese. We will continue to broadcast our services live on mixlr.com when possible.

Doxastikon of the Praises for 5th Sunday of Lent

Special COVID-19 Provisions for Holy Week & Pascha

Please read this announcement concerning special provisions that will be in place for Holy Week and Pascha

    Volunteer your help for Holy Week and Pascha

    We will need many people to help this year during Holy Week and Pascha so that we can properly look after the Faithful when they attend church during Holy Week. Please could you email Father Deacon Panteleimon at info@shrewsburyorthodox.com to let him know that you are able to assist with the following tasks:

    • Helping to prepare the church grounds including erecting the marquee on Lazarus Saturday
    • Helping to usher people into the church grounds on each day of Holy Week
    • Cleaning the church following the removal of the scaffolding on Lazarus Saturday
    • Cleaning the church each day during Holy Week

    Donations for the Epitafios flowers

    Decorating our Church is an important tradition carried through the years by all Orthodox Christians. It helps us to open our hearts, to take part in our Lord’s Passion and rejoice for His Resurrection. Once again, we are asking for your generous donations to adorn our Lord’s Sepulchre with beautiful floral arrangements for the celebration of His Burial.

    We all like to lay flowers on the graves of our beloved relatives and friends. Likewise we do the same on the Grave of our Lord Jesus Christ? Please put your donation on the relevant collection box during church services or send a donation via cheque or bank transfer giving as reference “Epitafios Flowers”. Your contribution will be greatly appreciated. For details for donating please see our Giving page.

    Kontakion of the Departed from the Funeral of HRH Prince Philip

    Scripture Study via Zoom

    We are continuing to study Great Lent by Father Alexander Schmeman in our weekly scripture study at 7pm on Thursday. The details for joining the Study are as follows:

    Link to Zoom Scripture study

    Meeting ID: 816 2985 4019

    Passcode: 926265

    Receiving the Bulletin via Whatsapp

    If you would like to receive the weekly bulletin direct to your Smartphone via Whatsapp please follow this link from your phone: receive bulletin via Whatsapp.  

    Donate to Holy Fathers of Nicaea Church today

    We are very grateful for the kindness of the people around the world who donate to the Church of the Holy Fathers of Nicaea to keep us running on a daily basis. However, to keep us going we still rely on regular donations and that‘s where you can help out!

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    We would like a wider variety of interesting things to post each week on the bulletin. Any contributions would be gratefully received! Please contact Father Deacon Panteleimon to offer your help or to learn more info@shrewsburyorthodox.com.

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