Notice of election

The election of eight parishioners to the Community Board will take place in the church on Sunday October 20th 2019 from 9.30 a.m. to 1 p.m.  There can be no proxy votes.

Please submit your nominations to the Father Stephen.  Closing date for nominations is 12.30pm on Thursday 17th October 2019.


If you wish to nominate a member of the community to the Community Board, please obtain their consent before nominating them. Board members must be paid up members of the Community.

According to the constitution, the following can not be elected to the Board:

  • Those who are not Orthodox Christians
  • Those who have not lived in the parish for at least a year previously
  • Those who have not yet completed the 18th year of their age
  • Those who have not paid their membership subscription
  • Those who are salaried personnel of the Community

Elected members of the Board must:

  • Be prepared to attend meetings approximately every month
  • Be prepared to serve on the Board for two years
  • Accept their election to the Board within two weeks of the election
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