New Table of Prothesis for the church

Edmund Bowe and his son, Luke, have recently made a new Table of Prothesis for the church.

As you will all know, before the audible part of the Liturgy begins there is a separate service when the bread and the wine are prepared. The service is called the Proskomide, which means preparation. This happens on a special area called the ‘prothesis’.

Since we started using our church, we have had an adapted prothesis made for us by Bede Pearce from bits and pieces he had around. Attached to it was a small bookcase. The bookcase was riddled with woodworm (it totally disintegrated at the recycling centre) and they both took up a lot of room. Edmund (Cliff) Bowe and his son Luke have made us a brand new table of prothesis which fits beautifully into the corner, thus giving us a lot more room in the sanctuary and everything fits excellently into an oak fronted cupboard. It is a really splendid piece of work and will make many things much easier to arrange.

So, Edmund and Luke, thank you very, very much indeed!

Fr Stephen

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