Miracle sale of Ptolemaic antiquities for church stuns parishioner!

Ptolemaic beads have recently fetched £9,000 at auction to raise funds for the church after being bought at auction in 1966 for only four pounds.

As a student in 1966 Anthony (Tony) Pugh, supporter of our community and member of the Friends of Mount Athos, bought at auction a woodworm-devoured, disintegrating, glazed box containing some Egyptian beads from the Ptolemaic period. Tony said “I remounted the beads and enjoyed them for over 50 years. I thought it time for someone else to enjoy them and decided to sell them and give the proceeds to the church.”

With a good wind the beads were expected to reach £500 but when they sold for £9,000 Tony was amazed. “Saint Anthony of Egypt must have learned that someone named after him was selling some ancient Egyptian items to benefit the church and decided to help … it was a miracle!” Tony said.

After the auctioneer deducted its costs Tony rounded up his donation to £10,000 with money he has been unable to spend because of COVID restrictions. He said: “it is nice to think of Saint Anthony as a benefactor of our church.”

Glory to God for all things! Thanks to Tony and all who generously support our church in diverse ways! To learn more about various ways to support our church please visit our Donation page.

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