Community Membership Subscriptions

We recently posted to announce that membership subscriptions of the Community of the Holy Fathers of Nicaea are due.  Membership subscriptions are £25 for a single subscription or £35 for a family subscription for a household of two or more people 18 years old or over.  The membership subscriptions became due on 6 April 2021.

To become a member please could you kindly provide us with your contact details using the Community Membership Form below and pay your membership using either PayPal, Bank Transfer, Standing Order, cheque or cash to the treasurer in church.  Instructions for payment are included in the form.

Your membership subscription makes a valuable contribution to the work of the church helping us to maintain a schedule of divine services, youth work and catechism, to support those in financial hardship and to provide our parish priest with an income to support him in his pastoral duties.

The community will be electing a new community board on 17 October 2021.  Membership of the community is required to either stand for election to the board or to vote.  

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