About Us

Some Information About Our Parish

We are a mixed race community with members who are Greeks, from both Greece and Cyprus, British, Romanian, Ukrainian, Russian, Bulgarian etc. We have a relatively young congregation with young families and children. We own our own church in Shrewsbury which was bought in 1994.

Our services are mostly in English but also in Greek and Romanian and sometimes Slavonic.

Once a month we serve the Liturgy in Telford and we have two daughter communities in Leominster and Lampeter. Our bishop is Archbishop Gregorios of Thyateira and G.B. of the Ňícumenical patriarchate

The community was established in 1986 by Father Alban barter as a daughter community of that in Chester (see HISTORY OF THE COMMUNITY).

We serve the Liturgy every Sunday usually preceded by a short form of Matins.

We serve Vespers every Saturday evening and there is a regular service on Thursday mornings followed by a period of Study.

There is a further study period on some Wednesday evenings.

There will be a Liturgy on Great Feasts, and there are many extra services in Lent and Great Week. For other services (Baptisms, Receptions, Weddings, 40 days, Memorials, Funerals etc. please see (SPECIAL SERVICES)

Children are important to us and we hold a Sunday School for Children on the First Sunday of the month in Telford and a club for children (the Varangians) on the third Sunday of the month.

We have two small choirs using Russian and Byzantine music.

Our church is historically of enormous importance (See HISTORY OF THE CHURCH), is small and beautiful.  We own a small church yard to the West and South of the church.